Easy mehndi design for hands

Easy mehndi design for hands


Easy mehndi designs for Eid’s festivals

As the moon of eid is sighted people start there preparation for the next day. Mehndi is one of the major elements on the eid day as mehndi is the sing of happiness and joy. At night people goes for last minutes shopping for the next day or just to see the joy of eid. They buy gifts for relative and friends.they also buy mehndi, bangles and eid card for there friends. [youtube width=”300″ height=”300″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVdvHXxXJKY[/youtube][/youtube]Adult or young goes to parlor or in their home they affix different design of mehdni, friends gather at one place and enjoy the Chand Rat.  There are some designs of mehndi hope you will find it amazing.

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